Travel destinations

You couldn't decide between several destinations? We help you do so!

The dilemma of choosing a travel destination

Now that you’ve decided that you will use your next holidays to discover a part of the world you’ve never been to before and that you will yield to the temptation of travelling, which is an activity that has always fascinated you, and fighting your everyday routine by discovering other regions, now that you’ve thought all this out, you need to take a number of steps to make your vacation in distant lands a success. You can visit  DESTINATION VOYAGE for instance, if you want to know how to choose your travel destination!


Make a list of your preferred destinations!

The criteria that can help you choose your destination

Our first tip is to make a comprehensive list of the destinations you would like to visit. It is indeed of primary importance that you list the countries or cities (more precisely) that you would like to visit one after the other. To do this, you can define the activities you would like to do during your trip: walking through the landscapes of a big city, visiting historical museums, go hiking in a remote forest or taking a tailor-made tour of the most beautiful European villages like what’s offered at, which is by the way a great opportunity to discover what the magnificient Loire Valley Chateaux look like and to comprehend some of the mysteries a great country like France has to offer…In short, this exercise will establish the list of countries or cities in which you can enjoy your favourite activities.

Travel agencies

Save time and money!

Comparing different hotels, checking the services offered by different airlines

and planning a route in a country you don't know are often complicated.

Benefit from the expertise of an agency

A travel agent knows the right hotels, which airlines are reliable and

can estimate the time required for a stopover at a particular airport.

Define your trip budget

As regularly mentioned, you don’t have to be rich to go on a trip or travel journey. Some types of travel and several destinations are well adapted to small budgets. Defining the amount of money you can spend is an important step in choosing your destination. The price of the plane ticket alone covers a large part of the expenses of a trip.

Define the duration of your stay

The length of stay can be an influential factor. For short stays, you may find it preferable to travel to a destination closer to home. The shorter my vacation time, the less you need to waste time in transportation to get there and the more the jet lag factor becomes an important criterion. Make the calculations and define your own limits.

Check the climate

Each country has its own climate with more and less favourable periods. Travelling in monsoon season may not be a good idea. For some, the attraction of a lush flora makes it an ideal time. Find out about the best times to visit a country. What might a good time at home is not necessarily a good time in the destination country.

Travel ideas and inspirations

There is more than one way to travel: there are as many ways to experience a journey as there are travellers. To help you see more clearly and accomplish the journey of your dreams, we offer you on this website a series of inspirations. It is up to you to choose the one that will be the closest to you and to your current desires. Would you like to travel alone, off the beaten track, or would you prefer the great classic getaways with a travel guide? Can’t you imagine spending more than 12 hours away from the world or on the contrary you only dream of wide open spaces? Well, dozens of travel ideas and destinations on all continents have been prepared by us. It’s up to you to decide which of these ideas will inspire you most!