Book a cheap flight ticket

Depending on the travellers, booking an airline ticket can be a tedious task or on the contrary a pleasure. Compare fares, airlines, prices, book in advance or at the last minute, buy online or at the ticket office, each with their own technique to buy their flight ticket at the lowest price.

How to find a cheap flight ticket?

There are several ways to find an air ticket at the best price. This requires consideration of various criteria such as the time and time of purchase, destination, and duration of travel or quantity of baggage. The application of these tips allows you to save money and travel at a very advantageous price depending on the destination.

Where can I find a cheap flight ticket?

The development of the Internet and digital technology has changed the situation and offered a more active role to the consumer, who now has increasingly sophisticated tools to find the best prices. Neighbourhood travel agencies, online travel agencies and airlines must therefore rely on online comparators or communities of experts.

How is the price of an air ticket calculated?

The price of an air ticket is calculated according to a fixed and a variable part, fixed by the various actors of the air transport industry. Price fluctuations are therefore the result of this variable portion, which is then split between the airport, the State, airlines and charities.

What costs increase the price of the flight ticket?

It is necessary to consider the additional costs (transport to the airport, on-board services, luggage...) which can greatly inflate the initial price of the flight ticket. The more options you purchase on your flight ticket or board from an off-centre airport, the higher the final bill will be. You must therefore take all these costs into account during your research.

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