Great American West one of the best travel destinations

The fourth largest country in the world, the United States of America is home to infinite spaces and magnificent landscapes. Discovered, tamed and checked by intrepid men, the Great American West symbolizes the spirit of enterprise and conquest. Territory of cowboys, Indians, but above all land shaped by the sublime chisel of Mother Nature, it embodies a myth, a dream and the land of origins. Los Angeles (California): The starting point for many tours, the City of Angels is a must see. Since 1911, the Hollywood studios have been shooting the greatest films in American cinema. Don't miss the beaches of L.A. and its surroundings, including the famous Malibu Beach. Bryce Canyon (Utah): Classified in 2013 as the most beautiful national park in the U.S.A., Bryce Canyon impresses with its red and ochre hoodoo. Among these fairy chimneys, some are distinguished by their evocative shape, such as that of Queen Victoria. Don't miss to admire Thor's big hammer! Mesa Verde National Park (Colorado): A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it houses striking Anasazi Indian remains, including the ruins of cave buildings. The Cliff Palace, Spruce Tree House and Balcony House sites immerse the visitor in fascination. Monument Valley (Arizona/Utah): Inseparable from John Ford's westerns, Monument Valley is a true star. As exits from the earth, the giant, monumental mounds rise up against the sky. A site to cross in a 4×4 or better, on horseback! Antelope Canyon (Arizona): These natural gorges seem to come straight from a science fiction film. Sculpted by water, the rock takes on magnificent curved lines. When the sun penetrates the fault, it is dressed in a shade ranging from purple to orange, passing through all shades of pink... Grand Canyon, Arizona: Dug by the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon is one of the wonders of the United States. Several viewpoints allow you to appreciate its highly spectacular character depending on the access chosen (south, west or north shore). The sunset and dawn are two unforgettable moments! Lake Powell (Arizona/Utah): Emerging from the desert as if by magic, Lake Powell was artificially created by a dam on the Colorado River. The turquoise water contrasts magnificently with the ochre rock; in addition to enjoying the landscape, it is possible to practice many water sports on site. The Wave (Arizona): An incredible sculpture shaped by the wind, The Wave is a set of rocks in the shape of waves. This exceptional place with a surrealist look is much protected, accessible to only 20 people a day by a lottery system. Calico Ghost Town (California): Founded in 1881 by silversmiths, Calico was once a dynamic small town, typical of the American West. Deserted in 1907 and then restored, it includes five authentic buildings and several others restored. A little train, a visit to the mine, horseback rides, ghost tours and gold panning activities plunge the tourist into the feverish atmosphere of the pioneers. Mount Rushmore, South Dakota: Carved between 1927 and 1941, Mount Rushmore bears the faces of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. World-famous, repeatedly parodied, this site is emblematic of the United States! Sego Canyon (Utah): Less known than its colleagues, Sego Canyon stands out for its preserved atmosphere, and especially for the superb rock paintings and petroglyphs that line it. Made by the Frémont Indians and older tribes, some of these mysterious motifs date back to 7000 BC. Las Vegas (Nevada): World-renowned, Las Vegas is the city of gambling. Casinos, restaurants, luxury shops, nightclubs, shows and hotels form the main part of the landscape here. Everything is possible in Sin City, even to take a stroll in a miniature Paris. Glacier National Park (Montana): A World Heritage Site, this park is located near the Canadian border. Snow-covered mountains, breath-taking valleys, lakes, waterfalls and wild rivers: Glacier's landscapes are breath-taking. It is also home to a very rich wildlife including grizzly bears, lynxes, Rocky Mountain goats and Mackenzie wolves. Minnetonka Cave (Idaho): Rendezvous in the wet bowels of the earth, where even more beautiful secrets are shaped than on the surface. The stalactites, stalagmites and limestone lace of Minnetonka Cave are the result of thousands of years of work and are spread over nine enchanting decor rooms. Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming/Idaho/Montana): Yellowstone is the oldest national park in the world. Located on a gigantic volcano, it is home to two-thirds of the world's geysers, hot springs and superb waterfalls. The famous Grand Prismatic Spring, a hot water pool, enchants with its rings in the colours of the rainbow. The park has a beautiful diversity of landscapes and exceptional wildlife.
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