International festivals not to be missed!

Festivals are considered one of the most exciting and wonderful experiences of life, allowing us to share joy and spread good humor with everyone and all social disparities. During a festival, such as those presented below, you can't help but sing, dance and participate among all the other people who come to attend the event.

Holi, festival of colors in India

Holi is an old Hindu festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil. The celebrations begin with the lighting of a bonfire on the eve of Holi. Then, the party people throw colored powder absolutely everywhere to spread joy and share happiness with everyone.

Kuwana Light Festival in Japan

With more than 7 million LED lights, the Nabana No Sato Botanical Garden celebrates winter in an elegant style. Most of the park is powered by batteries charged with solar panels during the day, minimizing the effect of celebrations on the environment.

Up Helly Aa: fire festival in the Shetland Islands in Scotland

Up Helly Aa is a festival that marks the end of Yule, a winter festival, and sends spectators back in time. In Lerwick, the capital of the Shetland Islands, thousands of people march through the streets in Viking costumes. The procession ends with a torchlighting to set fire to a replica of a drakkar.

The Venice Carnival

In 1162, the Republic of Venice emerged victorious from an attempted invasion. In victory, the people of Venice celebrated the event in San Marco Square. Now, the Venice Carnival marks the beginning of Lent. What has not changed since the first carnival, however, are the exquisite outfits.

Glastonbury Festival, England

Since 1970, Glastonbury has been one of the largest and best music festivals in the world. In 2013, 135,000 people were present to listen to the live music of the Arctic Monkeys and Rolling Stones, as well as to dance, comedy, theatre and circus performances.

Cascamorras Fiesta in Spain

Guadix and Baza are two cities located in Granada, a community in southern Spain. Historically, the two cities are neighbours, sisters, and rivals. More than 500 years ago, a worker from Guadix found a buried sculpture of the Virgen de la Piedad. A group of Baza stole the virgin before she could be returned to Guadix. Every September 6, the Cascamorras, a buffoon dressed in a brightly coloured costume, travels from Guadix to Baza with the intention of stealing the sculpture of the Virgin of the Piedad. It ends with a harmless battle of paintings. On September 9, the "Cascamorras" returned once again to Guadix without accomplishing its task and, as a reprimand, was sprayed with paint by the inhabitants.

Rainforest World Music Festival, Kuching, Borneo

In the middle of a tropical forest, thousands of partygoers gather to celebrate world music. Every year in July or late June, for 3 days, dozens of bands from all over the world, covering all types of music you can imagine, come to play in front of a crowd of 30,000 people.

International Festival of Sand Sculpture in Pêra, Portugal

It is the largest sand sculpture event in the world. This festival extends over 1400 m² of beach. Each year, 60 artists use more than 35,000 tonnes of sand to create 50 amazing works of art. FIESA takes place between May and October.

Electric Forest Festival in Rothbury, Michigan

The Electric Forest Festival is a four-day musical event that focuses on electronica and jam groups. It is organized in June, the natural setting and spectacular lighting mix together to create a surrealist wild experience. A part of the proceeds is donated to a municipality neighboring a few thousand people.
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