Five countries to live in with less than 500€ per month

The lower cost of living in some countries pushes many French people to emigrate every year. It is true that having the same quality of life with expenses divided by two or three is tempting. To change your life, set up your company on site or on the Internet, or work by mail, it may be interesting to go to these countries to start up and thus limit your operating costs for a few years. These destinations are also countries where we can find a respectable quality of life and a stable state. Going on holiday can be a little expensive but staying to work can be a very good plan. Focus on these exotic countries where it is good to go to work (while avoiding tourist places of course...).

Thailand Thailand

Maybe with 500€ per month, you won't be able to live in a comfortable apartment facing the sea but it is quite possible to find apartments for a hundred euros per month in the north (towards Chiang Mai) and to find others at 150€ per month to get closer to the coast. What will not cost you anything in Thailand is the food. In the street, you can eat for 1 or 2€, and 150€ per month of food budget will be enough for you. The rest of the expenses will allow you to travel a little or go shopping in this beautiful country. Thailand is a very good country to enjoy its activities quietly.


Cambodia is not often thought of as a tourist destination and even less as a destination for emigration. Although many may be reluctant to move to Cambodia, it is an excellent country to live at a lower cost. Often cheaper than Thailand, because less touristic, you can live in the capital Phnom Penh for less than 500€/month. Knowing that Cambodia is a country of the future, going there to live can be a good initiative for the future. The city is becoming more and more popular for foreigners and the price of accommodation is rising but it is still possible to find an apartment for less than 150€ or 200€/month. Eating in a restaurant in Cambodia will cost you between 1.50€ and 5€! No fast food or big international chains, Cambodia is a strange country... and to discover! Note that Laos and Vietnam are countries in the region that are roughly equivalent to Cambodia in terms of city costs and quality of life. Feel free to learn a little more about these countries if you plan to change your life!

The Philippines

Here is another economic and exotic destination: The Philippines. The capital Manila is a little expensive but other provinces like Cebu are very developed and it is really easy to find something to live in. Alcohol, tobacco, food, with 150€ per month you will cover all these expenses. In total, it is possible to live there with about 500€ per month, the amount of the RSA in France. In addition, the Philippines offers a special visa for those who want to settle permanently. If you are over 35 years old and have a $50,000 deposit in a bank in the Philippines, or over 50 years old and $10,000, you will be able to access this visa.

Costa Rica

You don't need a lot of money to live in Costa Rica, this Central American country. With more than 12 different climates in the country, Costa Rica has something to satisfy all types of travellers. In San Jose, the capital, you can live with little, one of the cheapest cities in the world. You can easily live with less than 500€/month if you rent a house or a large apartment with friends. If you move away from the city, you will have to find rents that are less and less expensive and up to well under 400€/month. At the restaurant, a good meal will cost you less than 6€. A pack of cigarettes will cost you about €3. Learning Spanish is possible for a French student in a few months and you can take courses at reduced prices (which is more difficult in Thailand or elsewhere...).


If you want heavenly landscapes and an ideal climate, Belize is one of the most beautiful countries in Central America. Paradise beaches, a subtropical climate, and, a great advantage, its official language: English! If you like diving, Belize also has one of the most beautiful aquatic ecosystems in the world. As for the cost of living in Belize, it is quite similar to that of Costa Rica. For a large house an hour from the capital Belize City, you will pay about 350€/month, which can ultimately cost you about a hundred euros per month if you share the rent with a few friends. If you are over 45 years old, Belize allows you to live tax-free for the rest of your life with the Retired Person's Incentive Program. Belize's only problem may be its somewhat capricious climate with a season of heavy rains and hurricanes that quite often hit the coasts.
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